Pennsylvania Bluestone… Both Rustic & Modern

Many types of stone embody a specific sort of style. Marble speaks of high elegance and refinement, Brownstone is reminiscent of Back Bay Boston and speaks of a rich history.
Bluestone, however, doesn’t hold such an identity. This versatile stone can be an outdoor focal point in a rustic path on a country farm or the rooftop patio of a Manhattan apartment, and feel completely at home in both.

Natural Cleft Variegated
Natural Cleft Bluestone is a rustic finish, which is cut at the natural reed of the stone. This natural finish makes it ideal for landscapes embodying a natural look.
If paired with a Variegated stone, which will showcase all the variety of colors present in the stone from blue to red to purple and brown, a talented landscaper can make a Bluestone patio look like it existed there for centuries.

Thermal Bluestone is a honed finish product, creating a uniform, non-slip surface. When a pattern or single size of stone is repeated throughout a patio, a Thermal Bluestone in a Blue Select stone feels right at home in the most modern and minimalist of designs.

Regardless of the desired feel of the landscape, Bluestone is a versatile and much loved choice for many projects.

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