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Our Reclaimed Stone, Antique Granite has been exposed to the elements for centuries, yet is still as durable and rugged as ever. With an aged, rustic appearance, it will give any project timeless character. Our reclaimed granite is harvested from many centuries-old structures and buildings across the Northeast, New England, both in cities and rural areas. We offer highly competitive prices on reclaimed granite because of our large network, and because we sell directly to you – there’s no middleman. Cobblestones are harvested after roads are resurfaced; curbstone, when new upgrades are needed; granite blocks, with new developments and replacements.



Reclaimed Granite Curbing
We pull most of our reclaimed stone granite curbing from urban waterfronts that are going through a renewal – mainly Brooklyn to Boston.


Reclaimed Cobblestones
Since 1999, we have worked on hundreds of reclaimed cobblestone projects – patios, private residences, city parks and more.


Reclaimed Granite Wallstone
Irregular large granite wall blocks are sourced from many piers and waterfront areas. We will work with you on the design you want .

LEED Note: Using reclaimed stone in building and landscaping projects allows the reuse of materials without further processing, leaving it unaltered to retain its original technical and structural properties.

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Reclaimed Granite Posts
Reclaimed Stone posts are great for entrances, accents, monuments. With drill profile remnants and irregular edges, they are a natural rustic addition.

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Reclaimed Granite Pavers
Our reclaimed granite stone pavers are one of the most popular reclaimed products. Irregular large slabs in various sizes.

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Reclaimed Granite Edging
Use our curbing and edging to create a rustic timeless look. Mainly sourced from old buildings and foundations.

Proud Service & Sourcing.

Sandy Neck Stone reclaims treads, pavers, cobblestones, wallstone, monuments and more. Whether you need to build a walkway, patio, staircase, or would just like to accentuate an area with beautiful aged granite, Sandy Neck Stone has whatever you need. Feel free to contact us about specific inventory, pricing, and photos.

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