Paver Restraints


PVC Landscape Edging


Paver Restraints by EdgePro® are made of rigid PVC and provide a durable solution for interlocking concrete or brick pavers. Three size options available. 


Paver Restraints


PVC Landscape Edging


  • Versatile anchoring options allow installation in traditional planting bed applications or adjacent to sidewalks and patios
  • Custom-designed connectors that don’t require unsightly overlapping or nesting of pieces
  • Provides crisp edge as alternative to plastic round top bead edging
  • 4” High with integrated track system with channel to hold locking connectors and optional spike anchoring adaptors - includes pre-drilled slots for anchoring stakes or spike anchoring adaptors that are custom designed to hold 3/8” diameter spikes of any length.




EdgePro® Paver Restraints

Flexible or Rigid

Flexible options do not require snipping or cutting to create curves – straight and curved applications utilize a one-piece system.

1.75” Vertical wall height works with most standard 60 mm pavers

EdgePro® Low Profile Paver Restraints

Available in Flexible or Rigid options. 

1.25” Vertical wall height is designed for 40 mm and 60 mm concrete or brick pavers.


MAX® Paver Restraint

2.75” vertical wall height can be used for commercial paving in addition to 80 mm cobblestones – optimized for thicker paving applications.


Polyethylene Landscape Edging




Height: 5.5”

Height: 5”

Side rib provides enhanced flexibility and workability

Longer V-Lip helps prevent problems commonly
experienced with frost heave